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Fall In Love With The Process

Fall In Love With The Process Being successful at trading is not about owning sports car or a private jet. Neither about being a millionaire quickly. Let’s be honest and look around for yourself. Do you see any real successful trader being motivated by this kind of goals? If you do, you’re looking at the […]

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trading education

3 Reasons Why Investing In Trading Education Is Important

Let’s begin with an intimidating, though very real, truth: trading did not get to be such a lucrative endeavor by being a straightforward practice. While the concept itself is easy to understand, the millions of intricacies involved in smart, successful trades aren’t something that can be casually picked up. Trading isn’t a paint-by-numbers undertaking, either […]

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5 Tips For Exercising Mindfulness

5 Tips For Exercising Mindfulness Every successful trader continuously refines every detail in order to bring the performances to next level. Remember that becoming consistently profitable is no accident but it’s the consequence of the right education, dedication and discipline. Those three key ingredients come only as a result of a unique source. That is […]

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Market Review

February 20-24 Market Review

February 20-24 Market Review Hello, Warrior Traders! My name is Arsh and I am the newest Jr. Moderator to join the Warrior Trading team. I would like to take this chance to quickly introduce myself. I am a 22 year old college student based out of Corona, California. I am majoring in Business Administration, and […]

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