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+30% in Part Time Swing Trading Profits

Another GREAT week for our part time swing trading profits!

We did it again! Another monster week for swing trades using our SUPER SIMPLE small cap breakout strategy. By sticking to the rules of the strategy, we found the right stocks to trade this week and locked up some massive wins. The next LIVE Swing Trade and Options course begins in a little over a week, and I will teach all of my students this strategy, give away my scanner settings to find these stocks, teach the rules for proper risk management and much more.

Our students are profiting on these SAME trades!


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Trades from the week

As for the trades this week, we hit the shipping/industrial sector pretty hard with a HUGE win on $SBLK and a BIG win on $TNK. News from the oil world has caused the whole shipping sector to catch fire the past week and a half or so, and as a result many of these stocks are moving up. It is never as simple as seeing a hot sector and just buying the biggest movers…that is how people end up bag holders for the smart traders. The trick is to identify the NEXT sympathy mover and get into that one early for a breakout run. We did that twice this week. Both $SBLK and $TNK hit my small cap breakout scanner JUST as they were starting to move up with the sector. This provided us with an amazing opportunity to capture some big wins. We used this SAME strategy in June to make thousands of dollars just repeating the same strategies over and over again. Our swing trading profits have been a huge source of income and extra money for so many of our members, and they do it PART TIME!

SBLK – Alerted buy at $2.72. Max potential after alert $3.42 or 25.7% in 3 days.

TNK – Alerted buy at $7.21. Max potential after alert $7.62 or 5.7% in 2 days.


These are just maximum potential gains, but the real power here is in scaling in and out and maintaining a low average as long as we possibly can to maximize the gains on this trade. I always look to capture profits over 3-5 days and every 5-10% on these trades. Here is the weekly closed swing trade recap video for this past week describing the trade setups and the trade management over the life of the trade. I am still holding TNK and SBLK for continuation on Monday with a nice NICE profit cushion to protect me.


If you have any questions about these trades, the scanners or strategy, please contact me at [email protected] If you have any questions about the offer mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to ask.