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direct access broker

Direct Access Brokers List for Day Traders

There are a lot of online brokers to choose from but as a day trader it is important to make sure you are using a direct access broker. When traders use direct access brokers to place orders, they are sent directly to the exchange, bypassing any middlemen. Typically, this leads to faster executions than one can achieve when […]

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ABCD Pattern

ABCD Pattern: Definitive Trading Guide

  Learning and spotting chart patterns in the stock market is a popular hobby amongst day traders of all skill levels. Patterns are an important aspect of trading and traders love and naturally count on them when placing small and big trades. Not only are they the connection between trends, but they are also at the origin of all major […]

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Ticker Symbol

Ticker Symbol Explained For Beginners

What is a Ticker Symbol? A ticker symbol, sometimes called a stock symbol, is an organization of letters or characters (or a combination of both) that represent particular securities that are either registered in a stock exchange or a public market. People who are interested in investing or trading securities use these symbols to place […]

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day trading robinhood

Day Trading With Robinhood: Is It a Good Idea?

Day Trading With Robinhood Robinhood exploded on the scene when they first entered the brokerage industry. They were the first large broker to offer commission-free trades and created the most user-friendly mobile app for trading stocks.  This massive competitive edge allowed Robinhood to gain huge market share with millennials, a demographic that big brokers historically […]

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Should You Be Buying Airlines?

  When people are out of work, scared of a deadly virus, and entire cities are shut down, air travel is one of the last things on their mind. And the highly capital intensive airline industry is now paying the price for not hoarding cash in an industry with an extremely high rate of bankruptcy. […]

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Sell in May and go Away

‘Sell in May and go Away’ Explained

“Sell and May and go away” refers to the Wall Street axiom related to the performance of stocks during the 6-months beginning May 1. The theory states that if you reduced your stock holdings on May 1, and repurchased your portfolio on November 1, you would benefit from the outperformance during these periods. May kicks […]

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Bitcoin post-COVID: Pros, Cons, and What People Are Saying

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, and the cryptocurrency world is not immune to this kind of change. Let’s look at how Bitcoin is perceived in the wake of this terrible health emergency.   When it comes to post-COVID Bitcoin value, the elephant in the room is the Federal Reserve’s response to the economic […]

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