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Optionistics Review 2019

Optionistics Review 2018 Optionistics is a stock options trading tool provider that offers a wide range of charts, option calculators and access to market data. Stock and options traders can use the tools and market data to analyze US Equity and the index options market. Optionistics has defined itself as the ultimate edge provider of […]

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Option Approval Levels

An Inside Look At Option Approval Levels

Due to the inherent leverage in options and the counter-party risk involved in writing options, brokers have developed a tiered system of option approval levels for traders that limits their access to options trading. There are 4 option approval levels, each of which allows additional access to various forms of options trading based on the […]

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Volatility Skew

Volatility Skew Definition: Day Trading Terminology

Volatility Skew Definition: Day Trading Terminology Volatility skew is the graphical representation of the implied volatility of a set of options for a security at various strike prices or expiration dates. While implied volatility, which is based on the underlying security, should be the same for all options at the same strike price, in reality the […]

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