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Multi-Monitor Day Trading Work Station

Day Trading work station

Multi-Monitor Day Trading Computer Work Station 

I run my work station with 3 Lenovo Gaming Laptops.  I use Lenovo Y50 Laptops. I’ve been really happy with my Lenovo’s.

I use a separate computer for my trading so the keyboard is always at the ready to execute trades.  This is especially helpful on breaking news.  The primary reason I use three computers instead of 1 is because I need to often do three things at the same time.  I take a trade on my trading laptop, I alert the trade in our day trading chat room, and I post the trade on twitter/stocktwits.

I do these things almost all at the same time.  Being able to quickly take these three actions requires 3 computers.  When I use just 1 computer I often lose the mouse across the screen and then if I need to suddenly jump back to the trading screen I might not be able to get there fast enough.  For the type of trading I do, I need to move quickly.


Lenovo Y50 with i7-4700HQ @ 2.40Ghz


256GB solid state harddrive

Nvida GeForce GTX 860M

External USB Video Cards

Diamond USB to HDMI video cards allow me to run up to 6 monitors per laptop.  This gives me the multi-monitor setup I run.  You can check these out on Amazon.


I have 6 monitors between 23″ and 25″.  I also have a 20″ monitor for my broker platform and a television for watching CNBC during the day.



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