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Welcome to the Internet and Online Trolling.  If you’ve landed on this page there is a good chance you’ve found that Warrior Trading is regularly the subject online trolling.  If you haven’t heard about people on the internet anonymously bashing people, listen to This American Life NPR special about Trolling. Being insulted and trolled online is part of owning an Internet business.

What you have discovered is the 1-2% of Warrior Trading users who either had a poor experience, were unable follow the rules of our strategy and as a result and lost money, or who simply don’t like Warrior Trading because we represent an image of success and they resent us for it.  For many people losing money is very personal, and rather than taking responsibility for those losses, it’s easier to blame somebody else.

But lets keep trolling in context, there is no such thing as a product or service that doesn’t have a handful of dedicated trolls, whether you are talking about trading services, iPads, Restaurants, etc.  It’s part of day-to-day life for Internet business owners.

The Biggest Chat Room on Wall Street

As of today, Warrior Trading operates the largest premium chat room of Wall Street traders.  There is nobody bigger than us.  There are several premium services that claim to have an equally large membership base, but none of them have 600-1000 active traders in their chat rooms, except Warrior Trading.

We have grown every single month since we first opened our doors in 2012.  We have not had 1 month of declining membership.  I developed Warrior Trading as a community where I could trade with friends, and it quickly became apparent that new members in the community were begging me to teach them the trading techniques I use everyday.

The chat room became a class room where I teach my strategies.  Because Warrior Trading offers an interactive chat room with live video, audio, and screen share, we provide education in real-time, every single day.  Nobody else provides the level of daily education that we do.  With education as our foundation, we have grown tremendously.  We are bigger than I ever expected.

“Haters Gonna Hate”

The hardest part of growing a small business are the growing pains.  This is something any business owner can attest to.  We have suffered our fair share of growing pains over the years.  Unfortunately the most difficult part of being the biggest chat room on Wall Street is that you don’t become this big without having enemies.

As we tell traders on a daily basis, you are competing in an industry with a mere 10% success rate.  That means 90% of traders will fail, and some of them go on to be extremely angry and resentful.  Any businesses who profit in the trading industry become a target for these individuals, and Warrior Trading is no exception.  Failed traders make up the bulk of our “haters”.

You have to be careful who you listen to, and I assure you that failed traders are the LAST people you should turn to for advice. In fact, they may cost you your very success in the markets if you choose to listen to them.  I decided to spend time writing this post not to reply directly to trolls or disgruntled traders, but instead to prospective traders who run the risk of taking advice from the wrong people.

Some of our critics have gone so far as to say we are liars and that we don’t trade with real money (check my verified $1k – $8653 challenge and My Verified $34k in 1 month challenge).  So let me set the record straight, I trade with real money and have proven I have to skills to generate massive gains in short periods of time.

I’m not going to say I’ve made a million dollars a year as a trader, but I have been successful.  Sadly, haters can’t fathom that somebody else is profitable while they can’t figure it out.  I remember this frustration when I was a new trader, but I just kept working and studying until I figured it out.  I didn’t turn to the dark side by criticizing people who were successful.  I wanted to figure out exactly how they were doing it and learn from them!

Affiliate Marketing Scams

Others who simply can’t make a living trading turn to other methods to generate income.  There are a lot of “reviews” that are actually designed as affiliate marketing sites to funnel visitors into 1 product that gives the website owner the best commission on sales.  Would you be surprised if you saw affiliate links on several of the 5 star reviews, but no affiliate link on the 1 star reviews?  This immediately discredits every single word they say because they are obviously going to send you to the sites that give THEM the best commission (that’s not necessarily the site that is actually the best for you).  Warrior Trading does not offer any affiliate programs.

One of these critics, evidently desperate to make money, built an affiliate marketing site.  Let me explain how this works.  It’s based on writing 5 star reviews for sites he gets paid to promote, and writing slanderous hit pieces on sites that he doesn’t like or that don’t give him affiliate marketing links.  It’s a pretty simple affiliate marketing model that is transparent to most intelligent people as being extremely biased towards the sites that are paying your bills.  Occasionally we’ll get an email from a prospective trader wondering why we have this negative review.  For people who fall for this type of click bait hysteria and decide not to join Warrior Trading, I believe it’s just as well.  You need to be an independent thinker with a high level of emotional intelligence if you want to succeed as a trader.  You can listen to a handful of failed and disgruntled traders or take it from the 2000+ active traders in our community that we are the real deal.  We have been growing month over month since we launched because we offer the best platform for an interactive chat room with daily education.

Moral of the story: Take all reviews with a gain of salt.  The only way you can know if something will work for you is by trying it.

My Verified $1k to $8653 1 Month Challenge

Warrior Trading is a provider of market education.  As a result, we do not post quarterly or annual returns based on the trading performance of our instructors or members in our community.  We are not an investment vehicle.  You cannot buy shares of Warrior Trading and we are not a hedge fund that you can invest in.  We are an academy for Trading Strategies and we provide a chat room for our students.  While our instructors and chat room moderators are active traders, their performances should not be indicative of the performance you should expect.  Since many of our instructors trade a multitude of strategies beyond the beginner strategies taught in our classes, their net p/l is not an accurate reflection of the beginner strategies they teach.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am far from the best trader in the market, in fact some of my students have grown to become better traders than me.  Ultimately, that’s a teachers dream.  To see their students achieve their dreams.  I didn’t make a million dollars in my first 2 years of trading, on the contrary, I struggled to breakeven.  Success as a trader for me has been learning to consistently make $500-1k/day.  While it hasn’t made me millions of dollars a year, it’s given me a great income which is far better than the average income in the United States, and I do it all in 2hrs a day while working from home.  As a result, I have a happy life and I feel very fortunate to have found this level of success.  I am among the 10% who profit from the market.  So although I may not be the most profitable trader in the world, my experiences have made me one of the best instructors.  Because I struggled and failed for years, I can teach students each of the steps I was forced to take in order to achieve the success of moderate daily gains based on minimal risk.

I learned early on that somebody who is naturally good at something is rarely a good teacher.  The experience of battling with failure before finding success is what builds character, and it’s what makes some of the best teachers.  Having said this, I understand that students want to see first hand what can be achieved trading the strategies I teach.  As a challenge, I decided to fund a trading account with $1k to see how quickly I could grow the account in 1 month of trading ONLY our beginner trading strategies taught in the day trading course.  I achieved a 763% gain, ending the month with an account balance of $8653.00.  Because all of these trades were based on the strategies we teach, I choose to verify the results of the challenge including my broker reports.  You can read these here.



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Using Positive Growth Strategies

I’m extremely proud to say that we have built Warrior Trading on purely positive marketing efforts.  You will never hear me talk negatively about any of our competitors.  I have the utmost respect for the fellow traders and business owners in our industry.  I believed we could build Warrior Trading without negative campaigns and I’ve been right.

I learned early on that there are an infinite number of ways to trade the market.  If you line up 1000 successful day traders, I guarantee you each trader will have a unique strategy that aligns with their individual comfort levels and risk parameters.  I can think of few things more pointless than calling out a fellow trader for their bad trades.  It is impossible to be right 100% of the time.  Trading is a career of statistics.  If we are right more than we are wrong we come out ahead.

If all 1000 successful traders were trading the same stock in 1 day, you would see 1000 unique perspectives on the price action, the proper entries, and the proper exits.  Many of us may take similar entries, but some might trade the stock 20 times while others trade it only once or twice.  Is one strategy better than another?  Not necessarily.  Each strategy must accommodate the unique risk profiles and market preferences for the person trading it.

It is those concepts that we teach in our courses and that has been proven to help new traders transition into confident, consistently profitable traders in a short amount of time.  In our chat room and trading courses we teach the fundamental concepts of trading.  I consider each lesson to symbolize a piece from a jigsaw puzzle.

We encourage you to take those pieces and put them together to form your own strategy.  In this example, each of the 1000 traders will have solved the jigsaw puzzle in unique ways.  This becomes the lens through which they view the market.  Who am I to say your strategy is wrong?  If it works for you, I respect it.  For this reason, we support all of our competitors, despite sharing different views of the market on occasion.

Looking Toward the Future

I launched Warrior Trading to help traders find their way to success.  I set out with two simple goals.  The first was to provide a hub where traders could come together to exchange ideas in a safe and moderated environment, and the second was to provide educational content for new traders.  There were already other established day trading chat rooms, but I felt that none provided the type of market education that new traders need in order to be successful.  This was based on my first hand experience of struggling to learn to trade, back in 2010.  I lost over $30,000 making completely avoidable mistakes in my first year of trading.  I know what it’s like to struggle as a beginner trader and to feel like all the odds are against you.

I learned the hard way that there is no such thing as easy money. When I first started trading, I wanted to be profitable, but I didn’t have the skills to generate those profits independently.  In my search for that type of service, I blew through tens of thousands of dollars.  The reality was that the leaders were profiting while I was losing. This is because there are too many variables to exactly match two portfolios.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault except for my own, to think that I could make money in the stock market without putting in hard work.  I realized that I needed to learn the details of how to trade, but I couldn’t find education that seemed like a good fit.  I ultimately spent 18 months studying the markets and testing various strategies until I found success with buying breakout trades on momentum stocks.

If you have come to Warrior Trading expecting to see our trading results and then mirror the performance by following us trade for trade, you will be disappointed.  We do not support the philosophy or the marketing strategy that you can profit by simply “following the leader.”  In my experience, I have never met anyone who has made a career out of trading as a follower.  While this may be disappointing to some traders, in this industry you have to make your own path.  We will help you do that by providing you with market education, ongoing support, as well as the understanding and use of the tools required to be a profitable trader.  If you are looking to get rich quick, you should look elsewhere.  We won’t teach you how to become a millionaire overnight, but we will teach you the strategies we use to consistently pull $500/day out of the markets.  If you are ready to dedicate yourself to a career as a trader, we are ready to provide you support.