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+22% In Realized Swing Trading Gains Last Week – Video

Swing Trading Performance


Swing trading in the small cap arena has been super hot as of late, and we have kept our foot on the gas hitting winner after winner for massive gains. I locked up nearly $6k again this week in day and swing trade wins.

This weeks big winners for swing trades were:

MXWL – 9.36% top to bottom, 7.20% realized

SNSS – 23.14% top to bottom, 9.01% realized

THLD – 5.34% top to bottom, 5.08% realized (still holding 3/5 original position)


We have seen a ton of market volatility as the SPY trades in a wide range over the 200 mark these past few months. We seek only to find the highest probability setups in order to control our risk and stay profitable through such periods. We are at a 70%+ win rate on the year and swing trading alone (part time), up over $43k. It CAN be done folks, and we teach you how to do it.


Swing Trade Recap Video for Week Ending June 12, 2015