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5 stocks in 5 minutes | Arsh’s Trade Analysis


Hey, what’s up traders? It’s Arsh. I’m back again with another episode of 5 Stocks in 5 Minutes, a video series where I share my top five watchlist stocks of the week. And today’s video, I’ll be recapping many of the trading ideas I’ve shared in the last few days. Some of the stocks we’ll be talking about include SPY, RTN and NOW. Make sure to stay until the end of the video to learn about my next trading idea. If you want to learn more about my strategies, make sure to participate in my options trading course in the Warrior Pro. Let’s go ahead and jump into today’s video.

Let’s begin by going over a trade idea I shared on SPY. In my previous 5 Stocks for 5 Minutes video are currently approaching the upper end of the trend line at 294 and I’ll be watching for the market to break out above that level. I think that can fuel us to new all time highs. In that video I mentioned I felt SPY was ready for a breakout above 294 with the potential to move to 302. As we can see, the ETF has been able to make the breakout as we expected. Prices were able to begin trading higher as soon as they broke out of the consolidation. This breakout period has definitely been a great time to be trading bullish stocks to the long side. Now that the market is back at all time highs, I think we can see a trend higher to 310 and above.

Next up, let’s go over a few of the swing trade ideas I shared with students on my brand new watchlist page, which you can find on our website as a member of the community. I shared W for a swing trade long above 119/90 out of the consolidation pattern I had formed on the daily chart, which we can see here in more detail. This consolidation was suggesting the stock was getting ready for a breakout towards the next major resistance levels of 132 and 141. Looking at the chart, the stock has shown us a tremendous breakout to the upside of that consolidation. It’s gained over 10% from the breakout point so far and it’s now approaching our final target of 141.

Moving on, let’s take a look at an active swing trade long idea I shared on RTN. Here I mentioned I was considering RTN for a swing trade long above the 193 breakout point. And as an attempted to break out of a seven month long bull flag, we can see the breakout point on the chart here and there’s no major resistance until 204, 210 and 214. Once the stock crossed that breakout point, it was quickly able to leap higher towards the forest target of 204. Considering that the stock is breaking out of a seven month long consolidation, I do think there’s legs to this breakout and that should help the stock trend up towards 214.

Now let’s take a look at the Viveve short trading idea I shared on my watchlist where I mentioned I was considering the stock for a breakdown below 155. The stock had shown us an impressive flat bottom there, which told me that a break of that level could lead to a significant move lower for the stock towards just next major support levels at 145 and 134. As we expected, the breakdown of that level has been very effective when the stock currently down 10% from that breakdown point and now approaching the final target of 134. If you want to learn how to identify and take advantage of trading opportunities like these, make sure to sign up for the Warrior Pro course using coupon code #30 for a 30% discount.

To wrap up today’s video, I’m considering NOW for a short below 251/90. As one of the many growth stocks that has taken a beating these last few weeks, we’re seeing continued weakness in this stock, which is a signal to me that I may be ready for a move lower over the next few weeks. While 251/90 has been a strong level of support for the stock, the breach of that level can lead to a technical breakdown that may drive some significant sell pressure into the stock. There is no major support until 241 and 226 which provides an effective window for the stock to move lower. That’s all I have for you this week. Traders. Thanks for watching the video and I’ll see you in the large cap chat room.

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