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Day Trading Stocks

How To Review Your Trades

How To Review Your Trades Effectively

  You make trades in the moment. Ideally, you’re in a ‘flow’ state and not thinking too much about technical details, and applying your training and reviewing later. Think about professional fighters. They don’t think through each punch and slip during the fight. The thinking is done in their training, and then they review how […]

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What Triggers A Volatility Halt

What Triggers A Volatility Halt In Stocks?

  Day traders need volatility in the markets but what happens when volatility becomes too much and what triggers a volatility halt? Earlier this year, we witnessed extreme volatility in “meme stocks” such as GameStop ($GME) and movie chain AMC Entertainment Holdings ($AMC) which triggered trading halts. Several other once-sleepy stocks like Bed Bath and Beyond ($BBBY) and Koss […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Day Trading Simulator

Main Benefits Of Using A Day Trading Simulator

  For beginner and experienced day traders seeking to sharpen their skills, a day trading simulator can be an invaluable tool. Trading simulators allow traders to practice trading using virtual currency. This allows you to gain experience without risking your hard-earned cash while also learning to minimize losses. This guide focuses on trading simulators. It looks […]

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What Counts As A Day Trade

What Counts As A Day Trade?

  Day trading has exploded in popularity in recent years but what counts as a day trade and why does it matter? According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), day traders rapidly buy, sell and, short-sell stocks throughout the day with the hope that the stocks will continue climbing or falling in value […]

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