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Crushing Options Swing Trades

We Have Been Crushing Options Swing Trades Consistently

We are off to the races this fall, and it’s not by mistake. The markets have had unusually low volatility in the past few weeks, paving the way for a ton of debit spreads. What is a debit spread you ask? Its an options swing trade strategy that capitalizes on the swings in volatility. You can read about volatility HERE, and more on spreads HERE.

There is a way to trade around volatile and non volatile times, with limited risk exposure and with a high probability chance of success. Using options to swing trade was how I got my start in trading, many  years ago.Of course, understanding stocks and chart patterns play a significant role, the ability to hold options overnight in these markets on any name that makes sense, with a fractional amount of risk to our portfolio is something that everyone should consider. If you have ever said, I hate swing trading/holding stocks over night, options might be for  you. Why would you want to never drive at night, just because you are afraid of the dark? You wouldn’t right? Trading for days at a time should be thought of the same way. It just requires the right tools and understanding. For those who haven’t seen our track record with options alerts, you can find them in the DASHBOARD as a member.

Here are the weeks trades:

XLE – Buy alerted on 10/05/16 at $1.55 (Nov 18, 2016 70 puts). Sell alerted 10/11/16 at $1.61 or +2%

TCK – Buy alerted on 10/06/16 at $.75 (Nov 18, 2016 18/20 bull call spread). Sell alerted 10/10/16 at $.94 or +25%

SPY – Buy alerted on 10/06/16 at $.2.16 (Oct 21, 2016 215 call). Sell alerted 10/10/16 at $2.65 or +23%

AGN – Buy alerted on 10/07/16 at $1.60 (Nov 18, 2016 240/245 bull call spread). Sell alerted 10/10/16 at $2.05 or +28%


Swing Trade Recap Video: