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Smart Money Index

Smart Money Index: What It Is and How It Works

  Stock market indicators play an important part in the overall analysis of the market. Indicators are a reflection of traders’ moods. If the sentiment is positive, indicators will be buoyant. On the other hand, a lag reflects a dampened sentiment. These sentiments can also help you get an idea of the economy to some […]

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Price Discovery Explained For Beginners

  What is Price Discovery Price discovery is the process where buyers and sellers determine where a transaction can take place based on supply and demand. This evaluation process uses the economic concept of supply and demand to find a price where a buyer and a seller agree to trade. The supply and demand for […]

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How to Trade IPO Stocks

How to Trade IPO Stocks: A Primer For Beginners

  Hot IPOs are becoming rarer in the late stages of this post-GFC bull market cycle. The primary reason for that is that private market financing allows early-stage firms to remain private longer.  This trend is turning around, starting with the IPO of cloud data platform Snowflake (SNOW) in September, with several other hot upcoming […]

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Mean Reversion

Mean Reversion Trading: Is It a Profitable Strategy?

  Almost every trading strategy aims to exploit one of two prevailing phenomena in financial markets: mean reversion or momentum. In a nutshell, mean reversion strategies assume big moves will partly reverse, while momentum strategies assume big moves will continue in the same direction. This article will explain the phenomenon of mean reversion in stock […]

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market sell off

How To Trade a Market Sell-off (And When Not To)

How To Categorize a Sell off When speaking of a market sell off, it’s first crucial to categorize what we mean by a sell-off. Your definition should vary based on your holding period and time frame, but we need to be consistent.  Here are a few ideas on how to categorize the severity of market […]

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Multibagger Stocks

What Are Multibagger Stocks?

  We have all heard of that one friend who made thousands of dollars trading stocks and chances are they have been in multibagger stocks. For an investor  or day trader, finding a stock whose price will appreciate multiple times the initial investment value is a dream. When traded wisely, stocks can offer huge returns. […]

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Insider Trading

Insider Trading – How to Follow Insider Trades

  Most people associate “insider trading” with secret tips and federal agents busting into a dirty hedge fund like Showtime’s Billions. That’s insider trading based on material non-public information (MNPI).  We will cover the illegal side briefly, but today’s article is mainly about the legal open market activities of company insiders. When an “insider” of […]

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