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How To Build Morning Trading Watchlist

  Failing to prepare is preparing to fail . . . Building a watchlist of tickers that you’re interested in trading for the day is an essential part of a profitable trading process. A watchlist is simply a short-list of stocks that meet or might meet your criteria for a profitable trading setup.  While your […]

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Bracket Orders

How to Use Bracket Orders the Right Way

  Different order types are among the most boring stock market subjects, mostly the focus of a small sect of high-frequency trading enthusiasts and opponents. But the discussion of stock market orders shouldn’t be about the orders themselves, but framed in a discussion about trade planning. Planning your trades has a significant material effect on […]

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Morning Trading

Why Morning Is The Best Time To Trade

  One of the things why day trading for a living has a strong appeal for many people is the fact that you can do it anytime and anywhere, without a manager or boss breathing down your neck. You can trade from home or even while traveling, thanks to advances in technology. And, in addition to […]

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trading edge

Tips On Developing Your Trading Edge

  One of the key components of achieving consistent success as a day trader is having a well-designed trading edge that specifies how and what you will trade. Whether you are new to trader or have been trading for a while, having a trading edge is important as it helps keep you on track to attain steady […]

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Stock volume

Understanding How Stock Volume Affects Price

  As a trader, one of your goals is to capture the change in the price of a stock. To do this, you want to collect as much information about the shares, including how much of it is traded. The volume of shares traded provides another dimension, that can help you measure the importance of […]

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