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trading large gaps

Tips For Day Trading Large Gaps

Tips For Day Trading Large Gaps   If you are looking to add some another trading strategy to your arsenal, you may want to consider learning day trading large gaps. This form of trading is very common and a great way to turn a profit as there is generally more volatility and a larger range […]

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Positivity Always Wins

Positivity Always Wins   Ever since I started to day trade, a countless number of things have changed dramatically. And I’m not necessarily talking about the amount of money I have in my bank account. I’m talking about the journey of discovering more about myself. At the beginning, I’d have never thought that starting this […]

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single rule

There Is Just One Single Rule

There Is Just One Single Rule   Beginner and experienced traders all struggle with one particular aspect on the execution of their plans. Plans mean nothing without proper execution on them. In fact, the difference between a successful trader and an unsuccessful one is all about it. In trading, what I consider the fastest route […]

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