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Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones Betting Big on Bitcoin

  Paul Tudor Jones is known in the mainstream investing world for his cowboy-style futures trading and for correctly calling the Black Monday market crash in the 1980s. As a result of successfully managing his fund over the last few decades, Jones has a net worth of roughly $5 billion. Now he’s making a big […]

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Ethereum photo

Ethereum Definition: Day Trading Terminology

Ethereum is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency platforms, with a special focus on creating a universal distributed digital system for transactions. Bitcoin Vs Ethereum Ethereum is often touted as an improvement upon the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, it is more accurate to say that Ethereum is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency with a special […]

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facebook to ban all cryptocurrency

Facebook To Ban Ads for Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin

Facebook To Ban Ads for Cryptocurrency Including Bitcoin In a move that seeks to enhance Facebook’s policy against deceptive marketers, the company has announced that it is going to ban all ads promoting cryptocurrencies, including initial coin offerings and bitcoin. Advertisers, including those operating legitimate businesses, will not be able to post ads about bitcoin […]

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Fork (Cryptocurrency) Definition: Day Trading Terminology

A fork is a cryptocurrency term that refers to a division of one cryptocurrency format into two or more successor cryptocurrency formats, where one of the successor formats may or may not remain the same as the original. Forks in a cryptocurrency occur when there is a disagreement within the largely decentralized governance of a […]

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Altcoin Definition: Daytrading Terminology

Altcoin is a colloquial term used in finance to describe any of Bitcoin’s successor and competitor cryptocurrencies. While there is no hard rule for what defines an altcoin, they generally have the same features as Bitcoin (peer-to-peer exchange, mining, etc), while also purporting to improve on one or more of Bitcoin’s suggested shortcomings. Some examples […]

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