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Why You Should Avoid Bankruptcy

Why You Should Avoid Bankruptcy   Bankruptcy tends to appear to be the “quick fix” solution that looks good now but having bankruptcy on your credit will burden you with 7-10 years of financial hardships. The years after declaring Chapter 7 or 10 protection can often be more stressful and frustrating than dealing with what […]

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Asset Protection

Asset Protection   A significant worry of many individuals is the risk of being sued. The thought of becoming involved in a lawsuit is something that looms in everyone’s mind, especially if you own a business and/or are wealthy. In the event you are faced with a lawsuit the likelihood of protecting your assets successfully […]

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Beyond a Budget

Beyond a Budget   A typical budgeting system can be quite similar to a New Year’s resolution in that it can be met with anguish – such as how a new workout regiment or diet can bring about the moans and groans of having to remain disciplined and ultimately tie up valuable time. Traditional budgeting […]

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