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Day 7 of the Small Account Challenge: +208% | Ep. #7

Day 7 of the Small Account Challenge: +208% | Ep. #7


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Another monster day in the small account.  This is now my biggest day of the year with $268 in profits.  The percentage gain is +16%, and it puts me up 208% in just 7 days of trading.  Not too bad!  I think most traders would be happy with the $1200 profits in 7 days, but I have set my sights a little bit higher.  I want to finish this week at $2200 at a min.  I will need 2 more good trades to make it happen.  Tomorrow morning I’ll be looking for the top 10 gappers and looking for the one that has the best chart pattern and the lowest float.  Hopefully there will be a home run opportunity in there, but if not, I’ll take the 50-100 winners as I continue to build up this account.


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