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10 minutes

Trade Recap: $636 in 10 Minutes!

What’s up everyone, alright so here we are Thursday morning, another green day of trading. You know, $600 bucks. It’s a market where I’m taking what I can get. I only traded, actually, for 10 minutes today. I got in, I got out.   So 10 minutes, $600 bucks, two trades. Accuracy is good and […]

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blah day

Trade Recap: Blah Day -$14.28

What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, fourth day of June, and today is basically a flat day. Finishing the day down $14. So I only took two trades, one winner, 100 bucks, and one loser, $114. So these are really small numbers. Today is a day where just not a lot happened. […]

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