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I’m Lovin’ This Hot Streak! +$3,913! | Ross’ Trade Recap

hot streak

Oh, hey. Another green day. Looking for new cars. Up $3,913.49. Not going to complain about that. It is the ninth green day in a row. I’m on a hot streak, obviously, about $54,000 just in the last nine days, and that really is almost … That’s all of my profit for the month of November because the first week was a wash.

Made money, $4,000 and then I lost it. So the first week was a wash, really started the month on November 12 and in these last nine days of trading, have made $54,000 and that’s how much I’m up on the month, 53, 54, something like that. So really super, super solid. This is what I expect from November. November, December, January, the strongest months of the year for me statistically. Last year, I made almost 50% of my profits in those three months. So, coming into this three-month stretch, already up $400,000, 450,000 on the year, I’ve really like to see another 250,000 from these three months.

So, can I do it, $80,000 a month? I don’t know. We’ll see. I think I can. I really do. So anyways, I was live streaming today on YouTube and Facebook because today cyber Monday, which means we’re hosting our 35% off store wide sale, whether it’s on the Warrior starter course or the Warrior pro course, you’ll save 35% if you use coupon code CM35. All right. So I hope you guys use that coupon code and get yourself into the chat room and you’re able to watch over my shoulder as we crush it for the next couple of months. This is really the best time of year to be joining. All right, so I will break down the trades from today. Traded five stocks, green on three out of five. So accuracy pretty good. A couple of losses but finished on the greed side of PnL line. So I’m happy with that and I’ll be back at it first thing tomorrow morning. All right. Enjoy and I’ll see you guys in the morning.

Well, there it goes. All right. So, we’re going to do our midday market recap. Just looking at ANY as it squeezes through high of day, that half dollar spot of 7.50, would have ended up working pretty well, but be mindful of the daily resistance at $8.17, which is the 200 exponential moving average. Today is a day where I’m going to be happy that I’m green. I’m finishing up $3,913.49, another solid green day of trading. It’s not the biggest green day I’ve ever had, especially since I made $22,000 on Wednesday, but being green is awesome. Anything above a thousand dollars is a great day. My personal daily goal is 2000 a day, but I’m always happy with the $1,500 day and this is certainly more than that. So you can see, I do have a couple of red trades on my PnL today. I’ve got five stocks I traded. I’m green on three out of five. I took a total of I think about eight trades and had six winners.

So accuracy, pretty good. A couple of bigger losers. One bigger winner on ANY. So, I wish I’d maybe been able to stay a little further in the green. I was up over $5,000. Certainly would have been nice to keep that full 5,000. But, in any case green is good. This is one of those things with trading that there’s that feeling that you’re only as good as your last trade and my last trade today is going to be a red trade. I don’t plan to take any more. So, there’s just always that feeling that I could have done better, I can always improve and I think that that’s an important thing because it keeps you a little humble and it does keep you focused on always trying to improve your skill, trying to continue to be a better and better trader.

So yeah, this puts me up on the month about 50, right around $53,000 and I’ve made that basically in the last nine days, the last nine trading days. Leading up to this nine-day hot streak, I made about $3,000 and then lost $3,000 and that was over the course of six days of trading. So really my month started on November 12th. I was basically break even on the month, maybe even down about a thousand dollars and in these last nine days I’ve made 54,000 or just about that. So been a pretty good hot streak, averaging $5,000 a day, a little more than that. Today is a little below that average, but it’s green and that’s what counts. Being green is something nine out of 10 traders can’t do consistently. So don’t underestimate how good it is just to be green, even if it is only by $50 or $100.

The reality is once you’re consistently making money trading, the only difference between 50 a day and 500 is your share size. That really is the only difference. So I’ve obviously been able to scale up my share size. My biggest position today was on Spex, SPEX, 12,000 shares on this one, not that that’s a big dollar amount, but that was my biggest position. So anyways, let’s start kind of at the beginning of the day with our gap scanner. Every single day starts the same way. Today was no exception. So historical scan, we’ll run this for 9:25 AM and you’ll see what I was looking at this morning. ANY, we’ll kind of keep on a watch. It’s nice to see this breakout. This is a 1-2-3-4 setup or an ABCD setup. Pull back point A, point B, point C, the low of the second pullback and then, excuse me, D is as we break that level which was 7.69 and it broke that level with some confidence. Now it’s hitting a high of 8.40. So really nice to see this breakout. Definitely the type of momentum that we expect in November, December and January, the three strongest months of the year for small cap traders.

So anyways, this morning RSLS was on the gap scanner $2.52. I did take a trade on it. As you can see, I mean, this is kind of disappointing. I mean, this is such a big move pre-market. It did pull back and as it sold off into the open, I tried to take a stab on it. Let me just move my orders up here. Let’s see. Time, I took a stab on it at 2.29 and 2.32 and stopped out at 2.19. So, on that one I got stopped out, lost $696, not how I wanted to start my Monday and of course it’s a cyber Monday, was really hoping to have a really strong day and so that was just ugly. I mean, it just sold off. But you know what, I took my loss and that’s certainly better than holding and hoping because this thing has not recovered. So that was my first trade of the day.

Second trade was on SPEX. This one was not on the watch list. It was just one that hit the scanner early on, $1.02, $1.03, $1.0, $1.10. I jumped in it on the one minute micro pull back that took place right here at $1.14. So it pulled back for a moment and then that’s where I got in at $1.14, $1.14 and I was taking my profit as it squeezed up here, $1.17, $1.22 and $1.60. Only made a couple hundred dollars on it. Got back in on this kind of little micro pullback that was right here. It pulled back for a second. It surged up, hit a high of 30. I ended up taking 12,000 shares at 21 and selling that at 24, 23, really wasn’t the biggest winner.

Next trade was BOXL. Now BOXL was not on the watch list this morning, but it hit the high a day momentum scanner. When it hit the scanner right at $2.44 right here, I knew right away BOXL, it’s a former runner, a stock with a history of making big moves. I’m going to jump in it if it looks like it’s going to break over the half dollar and it did. So I jumped in at 2.50, is squeezes up to a high of 2.85. It does a one-minute micro pullback and on that one I made 1,500 bucks. So a solid green trade and with that I was green by, let’s see, I was down 500, SPEX got me up or backup, but I was still down about 100 and then this was 1,500 so I was up probably about $1,200, $1,300 after these three trades.

Next one was ANY. So ANY, let’s see. I jumped in this one pretty early on at, let’s see, $5.45. I was watching it, preparing to break. This little pullback right here. This was a pullback. It broke, it reclaimed the 20 moving average, consolidation right here and as it broke over 57 or 47, that’s where I jumped in. High of day at that point was 5.70, squeezed all the way up to 5.92. So on that one, let’s see. Where’s ANY? So I jumped in this here at 45 and 51. I tried to add going into the halt. I didn’t get filled. I then took profit at 6.28, 6.25, added back at 35 and 40. So selling at 43 and 39, adding back at 30 and 33, selling at 58, 52, adding back on this one again at 71, 76, selling at 83. So on this one, really just kind of scalping the moves higher and that’s something that I do very often. I’ll buy, I’ll sell, I’ll get back in, I’ll sell. You can see this had multiple pullback opportunities. Ending up hitting what is now a high of $8.40.

In hindsight I could have done better, obviously just holding it 5.45 and still holding now up $3 a share. Hindsight’s 20-20. You never know how much a stock is going to go up. Some will do this and some will do this, BOXL is all the way back down. Some will do this, INPX is pretty much most of the way back down. INPX, the most disappointing trade of the day for me. On this one, I was watching over 5.50. All right. So we had this level at 5.50 right here and on this one, it broke so quickly I didn’t have time to put my hand on the buy button here. I clicked and press shift one, shift one. I bought twice and on this one I got filled at, let’s see, I already got filled. I got filled at 81, which was much higher than I wanted. I wanted to be in this at 50 and I got filled at 81.

It then squeezed. It looks like it was going to break over the high. So I added at 97, it went into a halt. I’m thinking this has room up towards 6.20, 6.25, 6.50. Ends up opening and dropping back down and so I had to go ahead and sell it and take the loss, selling at 62, 83, 94 and the rest at 45. So this was kind of the luck of the draw with using that hot key. Ended up getting filled 30 cents higher on 3,000 shares. That’s $900 less than I wanted. So very disappointing there. But, I was at a point of the day where I knew I could take that risk. So took the trade, took the profit, or took the trade, took the loss on it. I knew the profit potential and was still willing to take that trade. So overall, I’m just going to say that I’m green and very happy about that. Let’s see. Let me just scroll up here.

Yeah. So, one of the things that I do that is very different and most traders don’t do this is I do show my red days. I show my green days and I show my red days. I show my green trades, I show my red trades. So I have full transparency. If you go to warriortrading.com, you’d see at the very bottom of the page my broker statements. I haven’t seen anyone else post broker statements for their trades to verify their gains. Certainly heard a lot of people talk big game and say they’re millionaire traders and this and that. I haven’t seen anyone post statements to verify that. So, it’s something that for me was really important because it’s just so easy to make a claim that I turned 53,000 to 100 million or whatever it is. If I’m going to say I turned $583 into $100,000 and then into a million dollars, you better believe that I’m going to back it up with my broker statements.

2017 is right here. This was the beginning of the small account challenge starting with $583.15 at SureTrader. Made $41,000 at SureTrader before I closed the account and moved it to Speed Trader for about a month, then moved from Speed Trader to Lightspeed and had been trading there since then. So these are all of my gains here for the entire year. Go back up, switch over to 2018. We’ll go back here. Let’s see. There we go. 2018, I’ve got posted already. So November statements are going to go up there, $583 to 749,000. That was where I was at as of Halloween, October 31st. So I’ve got another $50,000 this month so it’ll put me up over 800 grand and it’s fully verified. So that that was important to me, to take, not only to prove with a small account that you could make a million dollars with it and obviously it’s not a million dollars overnight, this is two years.

But I think every single one of you be willing to spend the next two years if you knew you could take 600 bucks and turn it into a million dollars. You would definitely spend two years doing it. No question about it. So I wanted to prove that you could do it with a small amount of money and I also wanted to prove with that transparency, a daily recap every single day. Today is day, I don’t know, 500 or something of the small account challenge and it just keeps going and going. So every single day, I’ve got like 500 daily recaps. You can go back on YouTube and watch them all. NEON, yeah, popped up to 95, dropped back down. I think at this time of day it’s going to be pretty risky to start taking any trades. So I think I’m going to take my nearly $4,000, be happy with that and be green and be back at it tomorrow.

I started 2018 with my Lightspeed account and I don’t keep … I don’t have $800,000 sitting in my account. I take the profit out of the account. As of today I have $177,000 in this account. So yeah, I’ve got a decent amount of money in it. But I don’t use that much of it. I mean, the reality is my biggest position today in dollar amount would have been probably 6,000 shares of ANY at like $7. So six times seven, I mean, 40, $50,000 is kind of the biggest position today. I’m really not being super aggressive with the account. I just still have some of the money there.

So anyways, and year it’s going to start the same. I mean, I’m not going to do anything different. I’m not going to do another small account challenge until I cross the million dollar mark. I’m just going to keep growing this account. But, I will eventually cross that line and I’ll be excited when I do. But yeah, I mean, next year I’ll start with, I don’t know how much in the account. Maybe I’ll drop it down to $50,000. Sometimes people will say on my YouTube videos I should talk about how much I made in terms of percentages, not in terms of dollars. But that’s not really fair either because what percentage am I up since when I started with $583. I’m going to be looking at like a 200,000% gain when I cross the million dollar mark. So, yeah today, on an individual day, I’m up $4,000 on a $170,000 account. But if I had $50,000 in here, I would still be up $4,000.

So percentages are kind of easy to make look big or small depending on your account size. So if I wanted to make them look big, I would trade with a really small account every single day so I could say I’m making 20% a day, but there’s really no point in doing that. I don’t feel the need. So nice, Jack, $8,575 on ANY. Good work, man. So you could say percentages or dollar amount, either one, you could say could be confusing. But I just keep it at dollar amount and you guys can see the shares I’m trading so you put it together. Even if you only made 10% of what I made today, you’d be up 390 bucks. That’d be a good day. That’s $100,000 a year, $400 a day.

All right. So that’s it for me. It’s 11:00. I’m going to shut it down and switch gears here. I’m going to answer some emails. Those you guys who are watching on YouTube or on Facebook, any questions, leave them below. I really encourage you guys to utilize our black Friday or cyber Monday coupon code, CM35. You’ll save 35% so you’d save $1,500 on the Warrior pro class if you join today on the website. All right. So I hope to see you guys in the chatroom tomorrow, those of you guys on YouTube and Facebook and everyone in the room, will see you first thing tomorrow morning. Some of you guys missed our Mindful Monday. Mindful Monday is every Monday, 8 AM to 9 AM, a guided meditation with our in-house trading therapist, Ted. He’s been my personal trading coach for the last eight years. Has done just such an amazing job of working with me through the emotional ups and downs that inevitably come with trading.

So he is available to do one on one sessions for inner circle students and he does the group sessions for Warrior pro students on Mondays and on Fridays. So those of you guys who have been thinking about the inner circle, it is application only, but we are accepting applications right now. So to upgrade from the Warrior pro is $5,000 and that will give you one on one sessions with me, Mike, Ted, Roberto, [Arsh 00:19:28] and our other junior moderators are going to be taking part in those sessions as well. If you are watching on YouTube or on Facebook, inner circle is $10,000 but like I said, you can upgrade from the pro. All right.

The offset questions, Darren. Yes, I use a five-cent offset. Now the problem with the five-cent offset and the reason I got filled so high on INPX is because at the moment that I press shift one, it had already popped up 20 cents. So I was just a little slow. So, then I got a five-cent offset above the high. So that was the thing that was kind of a bummer. But yeah, I use a five-cent offset when I’m buying and a five-cent offset when I’m selling. I buy at the ask, five cents above it with the offset and I sell at the bid five cents below with an offset. I try to sell about half my shares on the ask to get the best price. When you have a stock with a big spread, 4.95 by 5,09, I always try to put my shares at 5.09 to sell the ask. Sometimes I get filled, sometimes I don’t, but I do the best I can.

So, I’ll be the first to say, I may not be, I am not the best trader out there. There’s traders that made more than me today. I always try to become a little bit better, a little bit better each day. But being the most profitable trader and being the best teacher are not necessarily one and the same. Sometimes people will say, “Hey, I’ve got a buddy that made over a million dollars this year,” and I say, “That’s awesome. Good for him. He’s a successful trader. He’s making more than me. He’s better than me,” but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a good teacher. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be able to teach you his strategy or really explain the market to you. I sort of have found that people that are naturally really, really good at things are not always the best teachers because they don’t always know why they’re so good at what they’re good at.

So having to go through the struggle that I went through, gave me a real appreciation of what it’s like to spend two years struggling to figure something out, knowing that you might not get it. I fortunately turned the corner when I was really with my back up against the ropes and didn’t know if I’d get out and I did. I turned the corner. So, I’ve been there. I’ve been through it. I knew what it take to get me from total failure trader to profitable and I think that’s what’s helped me be as good of a teacher as I am. So anyways, that’s about it for me. I hope you guys have a great afternoon and I will see you all first thing tomorrow morning, Tuesday and hopefully we’ll have a couple more green trades. I think we will. We’re in a pretty hot market right now. All right. So I’ll see you guys first thing tomorrow morning. If you’re still watching, you must’ve really enjoyed that video. So why not subscribe and get email alerts anytime I upload new content. Remember, when you subscribe, you become a member of the Warrior Trading family.