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Enjoy Grinding For Success

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Enjoy Grinding For Success


Good and bad trades happen, it’s just all part of a real life of a trader. As well as the ability to navigate through difficult days of intense struggle. Especially if you’re a new trader, being into this since days or just a few months, this pain sounds like intimidating. I totally understand that. Here is the thing, you better start to like this kind of fatigue because it will always be part of the job.

Successful traders have all one specific skill in common. The only one you should preserve as the secret weapon. It’s not the strategy by itself, neither is the natural talent or anything else. It’s the persistence you put into this. It’s that controllable ability of not giving up when bad days unfold. Ultimately, it’s that joy of continuously grinding higher. The key is enjoying the effort to keep it going up the hill rather than wanting to be on top of it.

The winning mentality comes when you realize there will be more mountains to climb, starting today and for as long as you stick to this journey. That minute you think you’re on the top is when you can actually roll back down. Because if you feel like being there, the room for going higher just doesn’t exist anymore. So, look always to the sky, so that your target is so high that can’t actually get reached.  


Thinking big by maintaining the “baby steps” approach

As I always like to remember that life is a game for marathon runners instead of sprinters (read more about it in my previous article here). What’s the best way to face it in order to always stay motivated? To me, it’s about thinking big. And this notion has to go hand by hand with the “baby steps” approach. In other words, we’ve got to wake up every day to continue making progress without expecting to get huge results overnight. Once you’ve found this one balance, you’ve already won.

Always be accountable by accepting the responsibility for the actions taken. In this way, you’re positioning yourself to take credit for the winners and, even more importantly, to learn lessons from the losers. Knowing they will always be part of the deal. It’s not only trading, it’s how real life works out. Even the most successful personalities in every possible field has known the taste of getting beaten down. What has always made the difference is how they reacted to it.

So, now is quite clear that is all about ourselves. Just by answering to the following easy questions you’ll know what to do next. Are you willing to sacrifice comforts and work hard for getting where you want to be? Are you willing to put enough effort and to accept the struggle of this one path to success? Are you willing to welcome the bad days as well as the good days when they will come? I’ve already made this commitment long time ago. Did you? It’s all about failing vs failure.


“There is a huge difference between failing and failure. Failing is trying something that you learn doesn’t work. Failure is throwing in the towel and giving up. True success comes from failing repeatedly and as quickly as possible, before your cash or your willpower runs out.” – Jay Samit


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Roberto Barbaro