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The Best Stay at Home Mom Job

stay at home mom job

As the costs of housing and raising children continue to rise, an increasing number of stay at home moms are looking for ways to work from home and contribute to the family finances without sacrificing their time with their kids.

Best Stay at Home Mom Job for 2020

While there are a number of traditional stay at home jobs that these moms have tended to gravitate toward, they generally offer low paying, low quality and unsatisfying work.

However, there is one stay at home job that offers all the benefits of a rewarding full-time career that is often overlooked when stay at home moms are looking to take on some extra work: trading.

Trading is a hidden gem of a job for stay at home moms that meets and exceeds all that they need from a work from home job.

Let’s take a quick look at what trading has to offer for stay at home moms, so you can decide if it is the right work from home job for you and your young family.

Easy to Enter

While you do need to spend some time and effort learning about the markets and developing your trading system, entering the trading profession is surprisingly quick and easy compared to almost every other job that offers similar levels of pay.

While doctors need to go through university and residency for a decade or more before they start seeing a return on their time invested, traders can have a profitable trading system up and running in as little as a few months, and potentially earning more than most doctors ever will.

The rapid increase in the popularity of retail trading has led to an enormous boom in the materials available to people online for learning how to trade from the comfort of home.

An online trading course can have you up and running in only a few months, and then there are endless sources of information to help you find your own way in the exciting world of trading.

Low Cost

Unlike many other professions that require 10s of thousands of dollars in courses, a large amount of starting capital and huge personal costs for other items such as vehicles and business wear, a stay at home mom can start a successful trading career for less than $1,000.

With a few hundred dollars of starting capital and a little more spent on an online trading course and some trading resources, stay at home moms can have an exciting and lucrative career up and running.

When looking for stay at home mom jobs, most women balk at the huge initial cash outlays for many of the available options.

They know that young families don’t have 10s of thousands of dollars laying around just to start a new work from home job, and the last thing young families need more of these days is debt.

Trading is one of the lowest cost stay at home mom jobs to get started in, especially when the potential income can exceed what most professionals are making while working full time jobs.

Can Still Be Supermom

Many work from home jobs quickly start to demand so much time and attention that it can hardly be called ‘working from home’. As soon as you need to sacrifice important mom time to handle your stay at home job, the whole thing starts to defeat the purpose of being a stay at home mom.

work from home jobs

Trading allows stay at home moms to be moms first and traders second.

Finding your potential trades for the day usually takes only a couple of hours or less, and this can be split up between your other duties, such as breakfast, getting kids to school and the ever-important play time.

Once you have your trades set up for the day, you can use day trading strategies that require as little as 5 minutes of your time for proper execution.

With as little as 2 to 3 hours of flexible time each day, stay at home moms can employ day trading strategies that can match the income from full time jobs.

High Income Potential

No other stay at home mom job comes near to matching the earning potential of trading.

The greatest part about trading as a work from home job is that you get to decide how much money you want to make.

You can pick a trading strategy that allows you maximum flexibility with your young family while still making 10s of thousands of dollars each year.

As your children get older and spend more time in school and at extracurricular activities, you can ramp up your career into $100,000 a year or more by adding a few more hours of work time per day.

Most other stay at home mom jobs will only offer grueling and boring work for a pittance, which can hardly justify the sacrifices in mom time that you need to make.

How to Get Started as a Stay at Home Mom Trader

The best way to decide if a career as a trader is the right stay at home mom job for you is to spend some time reading about retail trading and taking an online trading course.

These courses are designed to take you from knowing little or nothing about the markets to being ready to strike off on your own in only a few short months.

With a small investment of time and money, you will come to learn how the markets work, how to trade effectively and how to develop a winning trading strategy that can produce safe and reliable profits for you and your family.

You can start reading a few financial websites and shopping around for an online trading course today. It has never been easier for people of all backgrounds to start trading from home, and stay at home moms are one of the fastest growing segments of professional day traders learning to master the markets from the comfort of their home.

Trading allows you to make a great income for your family while still being the supermom that they need, which makes it a true hidden gem job for stay at home moms.


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