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Motif Investing Review

Motif Investing Review


Motif Investing is an investment firm that makes it easy for anyone to invest. The company has been a notable winner at Finovate during the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014. With over 150 professionally built motifs and over 9,000 published community created motifs, the investment firm has been ranked #4 on CNBC Disruptor 50 List.

It was founded 7 years ago by Hardeep Walia, the founder, current CEO and Chairman of the board. What drove Hardeep to start the investment firm was a desire to provide a trading platform that allows all users to invest the way they desire. Whether it’s by using a hot trading strategy or investing in a new asset, Motif was founded to make it easy to act on all concepts.

The platform turns all concepts into motifs which refer to intelligent weighted baskets that consist of up to 30 stocks or ETFs. Each motif is priced at $9.95 providing you with the independence needed to invest. Since every investor is unique, the company offers tools that allow you to customize portfolios. You can add or delete stocks or change their weightings.

Motif offers 150+ professionally built portfolios which can be aligned with your financial goals and values. It also offers tax aware automated investing with no compromise guarantee at a flat subscription fee of $9.95 per month.



The following services are offered to investors:

1. Impact portfolios
As the first full automated portfolio, it aligns with your financial goals and values. Whether you want to invest in companies that have the well being of the planet at heart or those that exercise fair labor practices and have good corporate behavior, the Impact portfolio service allows you to do all the above.

All you need is to talk with Motif reps. As experts; they will add companies that reflect your values and remove those that don’t. Two accounts are on offer:

a. Non retirement accounts
They include individual, joint and trust accounts.

b. Retirement accounts
They include traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Rollover IRAs.
The best news about the company is that if after the first year your portfolio underperforms below your expectation that is by one percentage point or more, Motif will refund your subscription fees fully.

2. Trading account
As an investor, you have the option of opening a trading account. This provides you access to Motif’s platform. Here is how it works. Start by searching for your motif. There are over 150 professional motifs you can browse through. You can also create your own. From the available list, you can add or delete stocks. If you are building your own, you can do so in a single click.

3. Trading IPOs
An IPO or initial public offering refers to an event where a private company sells its shares to the public for the first time with the intention of building more capital. With as little as $250, you can become one of the first investors to invest in an upcoming IPO. Motif allows you to be on the ground and have access to upcoming IPOs.

Investors are provided access to IPOs with all pricing and other details at hand to allow for better decision making. You can consult with the experts to know how much your investment will buy in terms of shares. No trading commissions or fees are charged for IPO purchases.

To use the service, start by creating an account, choose an IPO; review its pricing and other documents to allow for easier decision making. Deposit your funds and place an order. Finally, get your shares and become a part of the company.

4. High quality support
Need help with any of Motif’s services? The company offers support to all its customers via email, text and phone call. You can call the support staff between 9 am to 6 PM ET every Monday to Friday. Your queries will be answered within the hour allowing you to make decisions faster.


Pricing Options

To start investing, you need a minimum investment amount of $250 if you are planning to buy or sell assets. This includes motifs, additional buys of entire motifs or the re-balance positions in a motif.

If you have opted to customize your own motif to buy or sell individual stocks/ETFs, you will be charged $4.95 per stock or ETF. The same payment is required if you are buying whole shares of any individual stock/ETF or selling.

Motif Blue is a service that allows you to invest automatically. It also allows investors to re-balance, receive real time quotes, have access to unlimited trading and much more. The service starts at $4.95 a month.

For investors wiring funds from Motif Investing to another financial institution, a charge of $25 will be deducted. For incoming wires, no charges will be made. Full account securities transfer fee out apply when you transfer all of the securities in your account to another investment firm without selling them. The charge is $65.
For additional information on other fees, visit Motif Investing website.


Final Thoughts

As a serious investor, you need access to an award winning platform that helps to combine intelligence fueled by data and technology plus innovation. Motif has taken a disciplined, scientific and transparent approach to building financial products that help you invest wisely.

Your money and personal information are protected. As a member of SIPC, your account securities are protected by up to $500, 000. That is why the company is among the best investment firms in the world. Want to invest with Motif Investing? Visit their website to learn more.


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