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Finbox.io App Review

Finbox.io App Review

Have you ever wondered if you were making the right investments and wish you had someone or something to help you with your investing decisions? Well let me introduce you to the Finbox.io App that was developed for that exact reason with a suite of tools to help you make better investing decisions. It provides clients with an easy to use interface that features all types of fundamental and technical analysis including prebuilt financial models, fair value estimates and interactive research.  This is a great tool for investors looking for undervalued companies without having to maintain extensive excel spreadsheets.

You’ll also be able to utilize their powerful screening tool that lets you look up companies that meet your specific fundamentAL metrics, technical indicators or performance forecasts. You can edit and customize just about every model they provide so you can find the stocks that meet your specific criteria. I found their blog page to be helpful with finding new ideas and confirming my own. There are a plethora of writers who cover all different types of companies but I really liked their forecast and predictions for earnings which gave me more confidence in my investments. There is a great how-to guide that walks you through their models and how to use their screeners to find your best setup.

Their customer service was great to deal with and quick to answer my questions when looking to setup an account. They have a chat service that that responsive with plenty of information and professionalism.



There are two different payment options to choose from if you are interested in using this product. You can choose to pay monthly at a rate of $39.00 per month or you can pay a discount for the year at $390, two months free for the longer term commitment. With this subscription you will get their stock screeners, pre-built financial models, interactive charts, their proprietary financial statement forecasts, interactive charts, watch lists and their model builders. Its a great product that offers a unique service and if you are interested you can check it out for free for a limited time by signing up here.



Final Thoughts

Finbox.io has proven itself as a useful tool for investors with its powerful modeling tools and screeners. However, for active traders like myself it wasn’t a huge benefit and would only recommend this product for investors with longer time frames in mind. This price points were competitive for what you get especially if you pay for the full year up front and their customer service was excellent. If you’re an investor looking for powerful tools that will help you find undervalued companies, then you should definitely check Finbox.io out. You can find more information at their website.



As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding finbox.io, please leave us a message below!




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