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Stock Horizon Review

Stock Horizon Review

Stock Horizon is a an online alert system that scans the markets for specific setups based on filters used for day trading as well as stocks showing above normal interest in social media outlets. It takes the arduous task of manually scanning for setups and systematized it to notify traders of potential big movers along with important support and resistance levels that buyers and sellers are expected to show up at. The alerts are designed to provide on the biggest potential movers with a +/- 3% prediction in play for stocks alerted. The alerts are for both long and short trades with a watch list that is populated in the pre-market  so you know what to watch at the market open and what bias the market has whether short or long. The alerts also feature price targets where you could take profits and maybe even look to reverse your position. After trading their alerts they have a cool feature called Sonar that keeps informed on what is hot and what stocks are gaining interest. This tool provides you with plenty of trading opportunities throughout the day and will keep you informed on where traders are focusing their attention.

There are two different services you can choose from including Day Trade Alerts or Active Stock Monitor. The Day Trade Alerts package offers you the automated trade alerts based off their proprietary scanning tools and the key pivot levels that will be of importance throughout the day for both entries and exits. With this service you can choose to pay a couple different ways. They have a subscription payment plan that can be offed monthly, semi annually or annually. The monthly cost is $99, semiannual is $499 and for the full year it will cost you $789 which is the cheapest deal of the three. Another payment option that they offer, which is the first I’ve seen like this, is to pay for days. So say you are a part time trader and can’t use it every day you can pay for 20 days and use their service on days you can trade. They offer 5, 10 and 20 flex day packages that range in price from $49, $79 and $149 respectively.  Keep in mind that these packages do have a expiration so they are not good forever.

The second package they offer is the Active Stock Monitor and with this package you will gain access to their stock ranking tool that finds and ranks stocks based on market interest and range. This package runs the same prices as the Day Trade Alerts but if you are interested in both packages then you can get a price break. The monthly cost for both packages is $149, semiannual $749 and the annual package would cost you $1,189. It’s a good saving if you would use both packages but I personally just used the Day Trade Alerts and was happy with the level of service I received. Their customer service was on point and very professional when I was opening an account with them.


Final Thoughts

Stock Horizon is a great resource for traders who don’t have the time to build their own scanners and would rather just have one that is already made and has a proven track record. The prices are fair for the service they provide and what I really liked is they offer a few different price plans to meet a wide range of budgets. Only thing I wished they offer is a free trial period so you can get a taste of their service before committing any capital. If you are interested in more information you can check out their site here.


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