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MultiCharts Review | What You Need To Know

MultiCharts Review | What You Need To Know


As an award winning trading platform, MultiCharts upholds the best practices in the industry by offering users a freedom of choice. The name – MultiCharts – was selected to depict the freedom users like you will have and work with. Currently, traders in over 39 countries use the platform not only to reap rewards but to provide their clients with accurate information regarding stocks and other assets they would like to invest in.

The company was founded by Dennis Globa and friends who were very much interested in forex trading. This was in 1999 just before the new millennium started. Back then, few trading platforms existed and they possessed limited capabilities. This may be attributed to the technology available back then which was not only limited in terms of computing power but connectivity speed. Globa and friends started MultiCharts with a primary concern to combine third party historical data with real time data.

Existing platforms were attempting to gain market share by requesting consumers to accept only one single platform which would have prevented users from accomplishing even the simplest of tasks. MultiCharts solution was simple – to improve the existing industry standard, TradeStation’s EasyLanguage. This was achieved by eliminating limitations that do not serve the best interest of users.

By 2005, the company started its own platform with development offices in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Today, it has authorized representatives in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The year 2010 saw the company moving headquarters to Columbus, Ohio.


MultiCharts Services

The following services are offered to users:

Free Trial

Users have a chance of joining over 10,000 customers from 175 countries around the world. The Free Trial option invites you to use the platform without any obligations or restrictions. All you have to do is fill out the form, receive the download, install the software by following the instructions in the email and you can begin using the platform. Remember, this is a demo service so you can use virtual money to learn and practice different trading strategies.


For experienced traders and beginners who have learned the ropes and are now confident about trading, they can purchase MultiCharts and MultiCharts.Net. To provide users with a variety of choices, the company has come up with four subscription services.
a. For 3 months, you can pay a total of $297 or $99 per month.
b. For 6 months, the package costs $497 or $82 per month
c. For 1 year, the package costs $797 or $66 per month.
d. The Lifetime package is regarded as the best value and costs $1,497.
Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfers and popular payment systems are accepted.

24 hour support

Help is available for both experienced users and the novice alike. High quality support is offered by experienced staff with technical expertise and timely responses. Other available options include email, live chat, phone, remote desktop connection, discussion forum, video tutorials and wiki.


Pricing Options

As an Ultra HD trading platform, it meets the financial charting needs for all traders. Not only does it allow you to have access to optimized reports, it provides simulated trading, data management, chart analysis, walk forward testing, automated trading, forex board, global hotkeys, time and sales. Other notable features of the platform include chart analysis, market scanner, volume analysis, drawing tools, strategy trading, marketing data playback, strategy back testing, automated trading, trading system analysis, visual trading, portfolio trader, depth of market, entry and exit strategies.

The platforms are available with both free and subscription based licenses. Over 280 pre-built indicators, signals and drawing tools are available plus it works with third party add-on indicators. Thanks to the many features and add-ons, traders will be able to make profitable trading decisions.

To ensure users have access to all the features, the company has come up with the following pricing options.

a. Free Trial/demo account
b. 3 Months access – $99 per month or $297 onetime fee
c. 6 Months access – $82 per month or $497 onetime fee
d. 12 Months access – $66 per month or $797 onetime fee
e. Lifetime access – $1,497(Best value)

a. Software allows access to tick, minute and daily bar history for 11 years
b. Free FX data for 1 year is offered
c. Discounts are offered for lifetime license for both MultiCharts and MultiCharts.Net
d. Multiple support options
e. The company has a solid reputation thanks to many years of experience
f. Accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfers and other popular payment systems


Final Thoughts

Whether you are an amateur or experienced day trader, you need an award winning platform that will help you not only to implement the best trading strategies but to reap profits too. MultiCharts has been around since 1999 and thanks to their vast experience; they have built a platform like no other. It offers traders with one-click trading, high precision back testing, brute force and genetic optimization.

Help is not far away either; users have access to experienced technical staff that is ready to answer all queries anytime of the day. Video tutorials, forum and wiki are available to ensure more support is available. Interested in MultiCharts, visit their website or contact support for more information.


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