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VectorVest Review

VectorVest Review

VectorVest is a software company that focuses on providing stock analysis and portfolio management that assists users in analyzing and managing their portfolios with sophisticated tools. These powerful tools help you make informed trading decisions before putting your capital at risk and give you an edge in the market place. The founder of VectorVest is Dr. Bart Diliddo who began creating mathematical models to help explain market movements and then used those models to build systems that would provide him with the best setups using his models. One feature that I thought was interesting and helpful is that it displays a buy, sell or hold recommendation on every stock. I’m not sure what parameters they use to determine that but I thought it was a pretty cool feature. This made picking potential winning trades more streamlined and would give him more time prepare for the trades. VectorVest is solid product that has helped many traders out including myself.



There are a few different packages you can choose from at Vector Vest. Each package comes with a 5-week trial that only cost a fraction of the normal price so you can check out the products for a much cheaper price. Starting with the first package called the “End of Day” you will get the 5-week trial for $9.95 and after that it will cost you $59 per month or you can choose to pay for the full year for $645. With this subscription you will have access to end of day analysis, VectorVest mobile, market timing indicators that are updated at the end of day and market calls produced at the end of day as well. Basically all of the data you will receive will be delivered after the market closes so you won’t have live feed during market hours.

The second package is called the “IntraDay” and it also features a 5-week trial for $9.95. After the trial is up the subscription will cost you $89 per month or you can for the year at a cost of $895. With this package you will gain access to streaming data but it has a 15 minute delay on it so it wouldn’t be the best for active traders. However, included with this package is everything in the previous package but it will be updated intraday every 15 minutes. You will also have access to pre & post market data.

Neither of the previous packages help me out as an active trader and is why I turned to the best package they have “RealTime”. This package, as the name implies, offers real time, streaming data that you can use instantly to make decisions. The 5 week trial costs $29 and after that is up the subscription will cost you $129 per month or you can pay it in full for the year at $1,295. With this package you will get everything mentioned before but in real time. It’s quite a bit more than the other packages but having the live data is essential to making quick and informed decisions when day trading. You’ll also have access to ProTrader, AutoTime and Watchdog add-ons for free. This is the best deal they offer but it is also the most expensive so you’ll have to decide for yourself if it makes sense to pay for. You can always try it out for the $29 trial and see if it works for you.


Final Thoughts

VectorVest is a great product that has been helping traders make smarter and more informed decisions since opening their doors. Powerful technology like this is what help gives traders an edge in a very competitive market and we all know that having an edge is crucial to being successful over the long run. They offer competitive prices with a longer than normal trial period and they have great customer service that will help you get your account setup and running. If you are interested in this product you can find out more information at their website.


As always if you have any questions or comments regarding VectorVest, please leave us a message below!



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